Striving to help clients reach their fullest potential through individualized planning and training. We help clients improve mobility, gain strength and endurance, and lead a more healthful lifestyle. At Run With It, we are not only your trainer or coach, but your number one supporter and motivator!

About Run With It

Run With It helps men and women alike of all ages, shapes, and sizes reach their fitness and running goals; weather it be building strength, weight loss, running a race or improving overall health, we will help get you to the finish line.

We have clients of various backgrounds and athletic abilities, which reflect each individual’s fitness or running plan. Coach Heather provides personal training and coaching based on each client’s needs and goals. We are not a one size fits all operation, YOU are the program.

About Coach Heather

Heather is an avid runner. She has completed 18 marathons, including the Boston marathon and countless races of various distances. Through running Heather has become more aware of the importance of strength and resistance training and mobility work. These are not only key components for healthy running, but for the general population. The joy and lessons learned from running and strength training are what drive her to help others with fitness, weight management, and healthful living. She has a true gift for pushing clients and helping them to reach their fullest potential.

Heather is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Running Coach

ACE: Certified Personal Trainer

Healthy Running Certified Running Coach

American Red Cross: CPR/AED Certified

SFG Kettlebell Level I Instructor

FMS Functional Movement Screen Certification

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What Heather's Clients Say?

  • Johnna



    Done! Did something this morning I said I would never do: run an organized race. Thanks to the BEST trainer on Earth, Heather, for this one! First 5k!"

  • Monique



    I hired personal trainer, Heather Purcell, with Run With It LLC to help me reach my goal of getting back to the Boston Marathon. Every week Heather was in contact with me to check on how my training was going. Since, I live almost two hours away, most updates were made via email or by telephone. Heather drove many hours to not only provide course support but to run the last few miles with me. I can’t wait to train for my next race with the support and help that I received from Run With It LLC!"

  • Ellen



    If not for Heather, I wouldn’t have gotten to the gym regularly. All I want for Christmas is more personal training sessions with Heather!"

  • Marvin

    I feel better!


    "Heather's workouts are a combination of challenging and fun in just the right mix. And the benefits are immediate: I felt better after the first, and it's only gotten better."